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Welcome to Michael Koch GmbH!


Our complete offer of single resistors

Single Resistor
60 W - 400 W

Wire-wound resistors in an aluminium housing. Find the suitable resistor for
your application.



Our complete offer of resistor combinations

100 W - 7,2 kW

Due to our modular system for brake resistors and the stockage of all components we can offer you over
60.000 different resistors.



Our complette offer of PTC-resistors

35 W - 140 W

PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) resistors - resistors with an integrated self-protection function. The resistance value of these resistors increases up to high resistance at a defined temperature.


Managing DC link energy is our job.

What we offer:

Tested product quality
- delivered in optimum lot sizes 


Certified processes
- regular third-party certification


Individual application support
- over 60,000 solutions available thanks to
our modular system

Machine-specific design and construction
- bespoke products for your machines


Sustainable action
- Responsibility for the environment, employees
and society




Rapid responses
- immediate suitable offers


Quick delivery times
- all components kept in stock


On-time delivery
- we deliver on schedule in optimal batch sizes

Reliable partner
- valued long-term relationships


Direct customer relationships
- no distributers

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